Terms & Conditions

Buy It Back Classic Cars is a web based advertising and marketing service. Our service brings together buyers and sellers of classic vehicles, boats, and other items. The price and other terms of any sale remain subject to direct negotiation between the buyer and the seller. Prices listed by sellers on BuyItBackClassicCars.com often exclude sales tax (where applicable), shipping charges (if any), finance charges if applicable, title, license, and any other related charges, any or all of which may be the responsibility of the buyer upon the arrival of the final price.

While we strive and make every effort to be as accurate, detailed, and informative of each item description, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information seller’s supply on the item they offer. We make every effort to get proper descriptions and lists of equipment, however the information and description of these vehicles has been furnished to us by the respective sellers and therefore we can not guarantee the accuracy of the description of these vehicles, the condition, the equipment, or the mileage that they have on them.

Buy It Back Classic Cars, its owner, employees, heirs and associates will not be held responsible for any mistakes, errors, or misrepresentation of the description or the condition of the vehicles displayed on this site. It is incumbent upon a prospective purchaser to inspect these vehicles for his or her own protection from all pictorial, verbal, and written descriptions and/or from a personal or hired inspection service.

We wish you the very best and hope that your prospective purchase is the best one that you have ever made. We will make every effort to make your purchase as pleasant as possible, but we will not be held responsible for the condition or equipment, including make, model, title and mileage of these vehicles either before or after the sale.

Thank you and it is our pleasure to serve you.